Curso de Inglês (ENGLISH COURSE)

(Advanced Level)


1. Conversation (Sample Lessons)
2. Teste de Nivelamento (Placement Test)
3. Present and Past Times: Review
4. Future Continuous and Future Perfect (continuous)
5. Modals and Semi-modals
6. Linking verbs, passives and questions
7. Verb Complementation: what follows verbs
8. Agreements between subject and verb
9. Relative clauses and other types of clause
10. Pronouns, substitution and leaving out words
11. Position of adverbs
12. Conversation: How to comemorate a birthday party?
13. Conversation: Job interview and other plans
14. Conversation: Popstars and other famous people
15. Conversation: Dreams and Nightmares
16. Conversation: Office Emergencies
17. Conversation: Change Professions
18. Conversation: Describing your city
19. Prepositions: Between / Among
20. Conversation: Talking about exceptions
21. Conecting ideas in a sentence and between sentences
22. Word order: two– and three-word verbs
23. Organizing Information: Focusing it-clauses
24. Organizing Information: Focusing what-clauses
25. Inversion (Grammar)
26. Irregular Verbs: Review
27. Focus on Phrasal Verbs
28. Reported Speech: Review
29. Conversation: Sharing Cultural Differences
30. Listening: Talking about sales
31. Listening: Extreme situations
32. Conversation: Entertainment
33. Conversation: Correct Pronounciation
34. Listening: Speech and Expressions
35. Listening: Couple Life
36. Conversation: False Friends
37. Conversation: Hospital, Doctors and Nurses
38. Written Tests
39. Conversation: The Most Common Mistakes
40. Presentation Training